Muhoozi Project‘ should be a step by step process according to former Vice President Gilbert Balibasekka Bukenya.

‘Muhoozi Project’ roots

Former spy chief Gen. David Sejusa ignited the conversation in 2013 that first son Lt. General Kainerugaba Muhoozi was being prepared to become president. Gen. Sejusa, then coordinator of the intelligence services, made the allegations that there was a project before fleeing the country.

Muhoozi on ‘Muhoozi Project’

Muhoozi who was recently appointed the Commander of Land Forces and Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Operations, dismissed Sejusa’s claims.

He then took to Twitter and shared: “Some evil people coined this phrase to try and destroy us! But trust my generation to convert every curse into a blessing! Thank you Ugandans!”

The first son brushed off: “Uganda is not a monarchy where leadership is passed on from father to son. This so-called [Muhoozi] project is a people’s creation.”

Prof. Bukenya on ‘Muhoozi Project’

Former Vice President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya appeared on NBS Morning Breeze show and he was questioned on the Muhoozi project.

Prof. Bukenya, who was Vice President of Uganda from 23 May 2003 until 23 May 2011, told the viewers Lt. Gen. Muhoozi is free to compete for any political position in the country.

He stated: “There are many children of leaders who have taken up leadership positions. I don’t want Muhoozi as a project, I want him to move step by step until the people of Uganda realize him.”

Prof. Bukenya went on: “Anyone in Uganda aged above 21 years is able to stand for the presidency. If Muhoozi wants to stand for the presidency, why not?”

Muhoozi on politics

However, first son has chosen to remain calm on taking a political career while responding to repeated claims of ‘Muhoozi Project’ in 2017.

He said: “I know, and most people know the path to politics. It’s different from the one I am on right now. If I retired and went and stood in my constituency, then you would say, now he is taking on a political career.”

Muhoozi’s Military rise

In 2002, he attended a company commander/battalion commander’s course in Egypt. When he returned a year later, he was appointed commanding officer of the fledgling motorized infantry battalion of the Presidential Guard Brigade (PGB), formerly PPU.

In 2008, he graduated from Fort Leavenworth, the US Army Command and General Staff College.

During that same year, the PGB was reorganised and renamed Commander Special Forces Group (SFG). Muhoozi, who had returned from the US, took over as the first commander. As the elite unit rapidly grew in size, it was renamed Special Forces Command (SFC)

Muhoozi stepped down as SFC commander in 2017 and was appointed senior presidential advisor for special operations. Three years later, he was reappointed to lead the SFC.

Muhoozi, this year, was recently appointed the Commander Land Forces and Senior Presidential Advisor on special operations, dismissed Sejusa’s claims.