Singer Moses Ssali, commonly known as Bebe Cool, has come out to speak in support of fellow musician OS Suuna after the arrest of Next Media Services workers Kayz, Makk and Wakko for speaking false words about him as a brand and a family.

Bebe says he dislikes OS but support him for suing Next media Journos

Speaking during an interview with Spark Television, Bebe Cool said OS Suuna was right to arrest journalists because they really over-yapp, demean and defame artists’ brands.

The controversial Gagamel chief noted that much as he despises and dislikes Suuna’s character, a move to pump sense into Kayz and colleagues, using legal means, was necessary, adding that the accused have always operated in an unprofessional manner.

“Matter of fact, I don’t like OS as a person and his character but I support and rally behind him 100%. What he did was the right thing to do. Some of these journalists go overboard while speaking on these shows and they speak false words about an artist or any other person. I’m now thinking that Kayz and all his colleagues will come back to their senses and take caution while executing their job on air. It is very bad to soil someone’s brand just for likes and viewerships. The people they diss not only have families but also have fans they inspire,” the Wire Wire hit singer fussed before explaining that he sympathizes with the three embattled presenters.

OS had Kayz and co-accused arrested

He further noted that he is one of the most bullied and insulted artists on social media but the only difference is that he doesn’t react the way OS Suuna reacted and knows how the entertainment industry works.

Bebe Cool advised bloggers and journalists to start respecting artists and other people because having a platform doesn’t mean it should be used to put people down with their brands.

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Meanwhile, Kayz revealed that he almost peed on himself when he stepped on the prison bus enroute to Kitalya University of Understanding.

Kays spent two 4 days in Kitalya

The outspoken TV Lugambo Journo said that when he reached the prison, inmates were already waiting for him to teach him an action-packed lesson.

“My heart got broken immediately when I entered the prison bus because I couldn’t believe it. But it became worse when I entered the first gate of Kitalya prisons and my hair was cut in three minutes. They undressed me and gave me a prison uniform without under pants. At that moment I almost cried but tears could not come. Eating in prison is a must and the food is really not pleasing at any moment,” Kayz narrated.