Muzzinyi Precious Remmie a.k.a. Ray P is not willing to let cynics spoil her mood with poisonous vibe about her Mr. Right, Raymond.

Raymond and Precious Remmie

The stunning mother-of-one maintains that no one will make her dump Raymond just because she knows him inside out more than the people trying to ruin her relationship.

This week on Tuesday, Raymond took to his knee and proposed to Ray P in a colourful private ceremony…guess what? She said yes with no apology!

The madly-in-love Muzzinyi shared the good news of her engagement through social media where she thanked God for making her day.

“This is the day that the Lord has done. Thank You my Cocktail for bringing so much joy in my life. I am grateful, he put a ring on it. Thank You God,” Ray P posted.

Raymond proposed to Precious Remmie and she said yes!

Soon after sharing the beautiful pics on her social media pages, people like Don Zella, who claim to know Raymond inside out, were quick to warn her against the guy who she says is a specialist at breaking hearts.

Don Zella wrote an open letter to Remmie advising her to wise up and act accordingly!

“Bambi remmie don’t marry that ka guy nkalinako bwino kagenda kutomeza just ask him do you know don zella u Will see how his eyes turn to red I was with this ka man on my show in July 16th nga kabebera kalinga embuzi I asked him do u have a girlfriend mbu nooo era nekegana the whole night when the night ended we drove to his ka house. he has a little pee pee soft like oba ki? like a child I said eh so been surprised okalaba nga kali matala he loves fame sister otomedemu anyways congratulations kayinza okuwa empapula notandikirawo but Sente myeeeee Kagala fame nkamanyiii nyooo nyoooo let him come defend himself. Mpozi he changed in two months otherwise otomedde,” she warned Ray P.

Don Zella advised Remmie to wise up and dump Raymond

However, from the look of things the Muzzinyi needs no advice from anyone and is willing to fall on the sword defending her fiance.

Speaking during her daily show – Morning Saga, on the Mighty Zzina Station – Ray P said she is now concentrating on loving her man and that those who have a problem should swallow a chill pill and take some water to cool off!

We have the video.

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