After falling out with bonk champ Lwasa Emmanuel, Dianah Nabatanzi is reportedly living a good life with Mr. Lee of B2C!

Mr. Lee and BBS TV presenter an item

Nabantazi ditched Lwasa early this year after chewing his dime and drying his pockets, leaving him cursing. Since then the multi-talented TV host has been silently having stolen moments on a daily basis with B2C’s sensational crooner, Mr Lee, this website understands.

According to Muzzinyi, Flora of Pokopoko gossip show Mr. Lee and the stunning BBS TV presenter currently enjoy steamy romps home and away. Flora intimates that the pair have been making merry for the past few months but decide to keep it top secret.

Will Mr. Lee handle Nabatanzi?

She adds that Nabatanzi tight-marks her new boy from dusk till dawn making it impossible for him to stray.

“We have spotted them on several occasions together having fun. Recently they were together at a city massage parlor relieving stress and after they went swimming,” Flora revealed during her Lugambo segment.

Watch her as she drops a bombshell!

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However, show co-host Prim Asiimwe trashed the rumour.

“Lee is my friend, Nabatanzi is my friend and I don’t see these two dating. He may be friends with Nabatanzi just the way he’s with me. But it’s a good thing I’d they are dating and happy,” Prim said.

Nabatanzi is yet to comment on the allegations. We shall keep you posted!