The festive season is here, and it is best spent with people close to you, namely family and friends.

Well, it is because of that particular reason that Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan decided to start the celebrations early in the company of her sons and daughter.

Zari shared several xmas photos of herself with her kids and daughter enjoying the festive season in style

Being a celebrity , the South African-based mother of five rolled out in style by sharing a couple of happy family photos with her babies.

Zari splashed her Instagram with photos of herself looking all pretty and festive in Christmas themed outfits.

The socialite turned business lady was not alone as she also posed for some snaps with her now all grown sons.

Zari Hassan also posed for some snaps with her daughter Tiffah and all the frames looked like a million-dollar bills.

Like mother like sons and daughter

The red and black Xmas themed outfits and the family bond exhibited in the photos impressed hundreds of her fans who camped on the comments section of her post to pamper the family with love.

A throng of netizens who commented on the photos noted that Zari’s sons had grown so fast and in a very short span of time.

Just recently, The Zzina Website reported that Zari slammed her critics who faulted her for wearing black underwear with a white dress.

Fans were dazzled by the snaps and duly took to the comments section of Zari’s post to shower the family with love

Going on Instagram, the businesswoman expressed her disappointment with people who have been talking about her choice of fashion on her birthday.

Zari Vs Haters

A disappointed Zari wondered why her black underwear is still the topic of discussion months after her birthday. She schooled the critics on why she decided to wear a black undergarment in a white dress. Zari  said a white outfit calls for dull underwear because a white one could have shown marks.

“People keep on asking why black underwear. I was putting on black underwear because if I was wearing a white dress. If I had put on white innerwear it would have made marks. Use common sense, I am not being offensive here, I am just educating you,” Zari said.

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Zari and her kids all rocked matching red and black xmas themed outfits