Fans have advised singer Sheebah Karungi to go and check on her long time pal, Keko and save her soul.

On Monday, the rapper left music lovers and Netizens sobbing as she appeared on camera looking depressed, impaired and bonked by drugs.

Sheebah advised to visit her longtime sweetheart, Keko

The Ugandan greatest female Emcee, who took the music scene by storm a few years back with dope punchlines and hit songs is a shadow of her former-self. Her skin is peeling off, with broken hair and coughing heavily. She looks so bad and a section of fans believe that Sheebah can save the situation by just a mere visit.

Taking to the comment section on Keko’s Instagram live session, fans called out queen Karma not to look on as her buddy’s life is shrinking.

“OMG Keko really needs either to be rehabilitated or Sheebah’s magical care,” Lutaaya Brian commented.

“Drugs can ruin banange! Does her former partner in passion Sheebah know about this? Let her fly to Canada and do the needful,” Duke Opiizy also commented.

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“Someone should inform quin Sheebah about Keko’s saddening state, Canada is near”, Blessedbibie pointed out.

“This is really bad! Once an inspiring rapper looking like oba what? Navio, Viboyo and Sheebah should do the needful bambi,” Zink Zink commented.

Sheebah and Keko during their heydays

Before Keko jetted out to Canada, she and Sheebah were so tight that even other people envied them. It is said that Sheebah’s Queen’s Language was poor and that it was the ‘How We Do It’ star who polished it during their heydays.

Keko’s bad girl image soared when she openly declared that she chews fellow babes.

In a conversation with Public Radio International’s Andrea Crossan, she revealed: “I’m sure everybody in the entire country knows I’m g*y.”

Crossan said that she offered Keko the option to contact her to remove her coming out statements from the interview, which she declined.

Keko appeared on camera looking impaired