Look away Zari Hassan, Diamond misses someone else!

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has attracted varied reactions on social media by suggesting he misses his ex-girlfriend Wema Sepetu.

The popular musician, born Naseeb Juma, while promoting his Naanzaje (how do I start) single, explained that the hit reminds him of the days when he was hitched to the actress.

“I looked at the video and the memories flowed back,” he said.

“I recall the days we (and Sepetu) would lock ourselves indoors for a whole week. I would miss recording or even a show because of how sweet the moments were.”

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The Waah hitmaker also opened up about how he has been ‘unlucky’ with love.

“I released this single because of my fans, and as time passes by, I have fallen in love with it.”

Sepetu, a Tanzanian actress and former Miss Tanzania, is among six women Diamond has actively dated in his adult life. The 31-year old has in a recent interview opened the lid on her break-up with Diamond, claiming it was so bitter that the former lovebirds could not see eye to eye for some time.

Besides Sepetu, Diamond also dated and has kids with Ugandan classy socialite Zari Hassan, Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna and Tanzanian Hamisa Mobetto. Unlike Sepetu, Zari, Tanasha and Mobetto have kids with Diamond.

In fact the talented Boy From Tandale is now co-parenting with all his baby mamas. He has always jetted out to South Africa to check on Zari and their two kids, Latifah Dangote and Prince Nillan.

However, the self proclaimed Boss Lady has always denied resuming romps with the singer, claiming that she is in a strong relationship with Mr. Right, Dark Stallion.