Mr. Lee chucks Nabatanzi, bonking Blessed Ann

B2C’s singing sensation, Richard Mugisha a.k.a Mr. Lee has apparently dumped Dianah Nabantanzi and subsequently replaced her with Zzina-skilled Blessed Ann.

According to multiple reports, Mr. Lee has been eating Dianah Nabatanzi’s beans with chopsticks, home and away, for the past few months but she seems to have not impressed him.

Mr. Lee chucks Nabatanzi, bonking Blessed Ann

Info reaching us indicates that the crooner recently gave bubbly Nabatanzi two options; To either up her Zzina skills or trace the exit. She chose the latter, creating space for Blessed Ann.

Since then, Ann has been such a blessing to Lee, serving it hot to him and subsequently the singer regrets the time he wasted bonking with Nabatanzi.

Lately, Mr. Lee and Ann, have been enjoying steamy romps at the swanky Kabira Country Club and now the singer wants her to move in, according to multiple sources.

Apparently, the madly -in-love singer doesn’t want to waste time as he’s set to legalize their relationship.

What next for Nabatanzi?

News of Mr. Lee and Nabatanzi’s entanglement was broken by Muzzinyi, Flora of Poko, in October, last year.

Flora intimated that the pair had been making merry but decided to keep it top secret.

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She added that she saw Nabatanzi tight-marking Lee to scare off suitors. But now with Blessed Ann in the mix, it is evident that a woman cannot keep a man who doesn’t want to be kept.