Prima confirms disciplining ‘messy’ Geosteady

Singer George Kigozi a.k.a Geosteady has always complained about domestic violence subjected to men by their spouses.

Through his posts on social media, the talented crooner reveals that men out there suffer all kinds of abuses silently, but fear to open up to the public because society would judge them harshly.

Recently, while responding to his baby mama, Prima Kardashi’s allegations that he is an irresponsible father, Geosteady revealed that he was once a victim of domestic violence.

“How I wish the whole world knew the truth but since I’m just a man I will keep every woman respected. I will die in silence since I have no way to compete with a woman. Men are also victims of Domestic Violence,” the star singer reported to online in-laws through a teary tweet. 

Speaking during an interview with a local TV channel on Women’s Day, Prima Kardashi was asked to comment on her ex’s allegations of thumping him. Guess what? She answered affirmatively.

“Nze bwewesiliwaza nkusabula empi,” she bragged.

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Prima 28, also clarified that in the viral video, in which she accused former celebrity boyfriend, Geosteady, of being stingy and irresponsible, she was responding to Sweden-based blogger and warmonger, Peng Peng, who had made her a meal to tarnish and insult. 

“I was replying to Peng Peng because he has been abusing me for a long time. I can’t deny anyone children because children are innocent. I was annoyed that day because he abused me that I am like a jerry can. My message was going to him, not Geosteady,” she clarified.

Worth recalling is that when Prima called out the father of her two kids, for being a deadbeat, he (Geosteady) jumped out of his cave and reminded her of what she had said previously that biologically, the kids are actually not his.

The ‘Owooma’ star singer’s statement raised eyebrows amongst online in-laws, who encouraged him to take the children for a DNA test.

But Prima maintains, there won’t be any DNA tests carried out!

“There won’t be any DNA because their real father knows himself. So I won’t involve my children in any battles,” she raged.

All this is happening, as Mr Henrie, Prima’s current Muzzinyi, is watching from a distance.