With their latest release, Nkononya, the sensational female music duo, Kataleya and Kandle, adds another delightful bit of music to their impressive discography, whose quality improves every day.

Nkunonya seems to be another song from the singer-songwriter, Yesse Oman Rafik, who has the uncanny ability to come up with a catchy tune.

But it’s not just great songwriting – Yesse is an excellent composer, and what he has done with Nkunonya is pretty impressive – he eschews complexity for simplicity and catchiness. He does this successfully – the song is immediately catchy, with none of that nonsense about, “it grows on you.”

The song also abandons the usual genre vehicles you would expect it to use to deliver the song – dancehall, or Afro-pop.

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Instead, it is something of a pop and R & B mash-up, with a groove that hints at the s#xual content of the song.

“Mbadde nkunoonya, mbadde nkulotta omubiri gwetagga romance, buli kiro darling,” Kandle kicks off the song with her tantalizing vocals as she reminds her man that she’s starving and that her body needs some extra tickling.

In same spirit, Kataleya chips in, telling her partner in passion that she indeed enjoys his bonk game!

Nkunonya is a crafty bit of music. It wouldn’t be accurate to say it is loaded with s#xual innuendo – no. It is simply about a young woman waiting for her man to get home from work or whatever, something she has been anticipating because of what said, her man will do to her.

The songwriting is sleek because, even with the lyrics it throws at you, it does this in a manner that is subtle and even, dare I say, tasteful.

Enjoy it below;