Sheebah says only four-six people will attend her private wedding

She has always bashed toxic men. She has always acted as the voice of the voiceless granddaughters of Adam going through toxic relationships who are afraid to speak out. She is one of those feminist warriors who has advised the mothers of this world to fight on and live a peaceful life.

Still, she is one helluva artist, who has tipped young girls out there that they can ditch men and live happily single like her and make it big in life. Bazzinyi, she is Sheebah Karungi, one of the successful female artists in the land, who says that “What a man can do, a woman can do better!”

But much as Sheebah chest thumps like King Kong and swells like Timber in the public eye, all seems not rosy in her bedroom. She might have unveiled ‘Royal Rose’, her bedtime sweetheart a few months ago but hey, the former Team No Sleep lead star has not yet given up on love, going by her recent statement.

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Sheebah, who has always said that marriage is totally not part of her to-do list, reasoning that she is in love with the ‘idea of a partner and not that of a husband as society wants’, has somewhat changed her heart.

In the latest interview, the 33-year-old entertainer stunned her followers when she said she would consider marriage if she found a man with qualities she liked.

She went on to disclose that when she and her Mr. Right happen to tie the knot, only four to six people will get a chance to attend her wedding. Yes, you read that right!

“I can never say never. Maybe one day, someone can appear with all the qualities I want then we get married. It would be a simple private wedding with about 4 -6 people,” Sheebah revealed, adding that the wedding ceremony would not be in Uganda.

Over the years, Sheebah has been linked to several men including her former manager, Jeff Kiwa. Apparently, she also has a thing for babes, such as Keko, Nina Roz and Lydia Jazmine are said to be in her good books.

Actually, there’s a viral video of her having fun in Canada recently with the gals with a Pride Month billboard flashing in the background. In the same period, she also posted a photo across her social media platforms, donning a designer T-shirt with a rainbow printed on it and words; ‘ALL FOR LOVE’.

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