After failing to impress Muzzinyi, Mr. Henrie, and tying him down, socialite Prima Kardashi says she hasn’t yet given up on love.

The 29-year-old is back in the market, searching for a man to ride with and secure her bonk future.

However, she claims that she is now determined to bonk different grandsons of Adam and roll until she finds the right man.

Speaking during an interview with a local TV station last week, Prima Kardash explained that there is nothing wrong with exploring different options, reasoning that she can never settle for less at the expense of her happiness.

“There is no problem moving away from a failed relationship, why would I be stuck with someone I don’t love? I will keep dating those who bring me happiness as you people count,” she said.

Prima Kardash shares two children with singer Geosteady. She and Geosteady broke up two years ago and she moved on with Mr Henrie. However, her love story with Henrie also flopped in May, this year.

While doing his thing as the official Master of Ceremonies (MC) at the Rolex Festival in August, Henrie dropped a subtle diss towards women who bleach, claiming that they are not sweet in bed.

“… No but where is the lie? Nimba? Omukazi eyeyelusa nyo abeera tawooma, sikyo?” The dreadlocked media personality dropped the bombshell. Since Prima Kardashi is a renowned member of ‘Twesiige Omuzigo Tushanane Association’ (TOTA), many were convinced that Henrie was attacking her.

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While appearing on a local TV channel recently, Prima used that chance to respond to Henrie’s diss. The mother-of-two revealed that those who claim that bleached babes are no big deal between the sheets are the same chaps who enjoy burying their heads between bleached thighland at 3am.

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