Kabale man who killed female cop

Locals in Kabale are still coming to terms with the gruesome shooting incident involving a police officer and her ex lover.

On Sunday, a room where Caroline Komuhangi lived was splattered with blood as her lifeless body fell to the ground. Komuhangi, a cherished police constable attached to the Filed Force Unit-FFU was shot dead at 9:00 am, by her ruthless ex-husband Denis Arineitwe, a tailor in Kabale Town.

Locals allege that the couple of one child had a long standing wrangles that caused them to split up over one year ago. However, despite the break up, Arineitwe continued bothering his ex -lover for a reconciliation but in vain.

It is alleged that Komuhangi refused to serve her goods to Arinetwe because he was reportedly smashing a campus babe at Kabale University. She also accused her ex of exploitation for snatching her Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) card to cater to his other romps.

Elly Maate, the Kigezi Region Police spokesperson says the deceased had previously filed a case at the Kabale Police Station after which Arineitwe was arrested and ordered to return the ATM card to Komuhangi.

On that fateful day, a mean looking Arineitwe dashed into his ex-lover’s uni-port at the police barracks while she was asleep, woke her up. The two reportedly a loud bitter argument that ended in the firing of bullets.

Kabale man who killed female cop

Maate explains that Arinetwe grabbed the gun from Komuhangi and as she was trying to run away, he shot her three times on the back and shoulders. Arineitwe later attempted to commit suicide by shooting himself on the nose and head.

“We don’t know what sparked off the quarrel but the woman tried to escape and that is when the man shot her one bullet on the back and two others to the shoulder, killing her instantly. He then went berserk and fired several other bullets. We don’t know whether he tried to commit suicide or the two had previously struggled for the gun because he sustained injuries to the head as well,” Maate stated.

Maate says another police officer (names withheld) has been arrested for attempting to shoot Arineitwe in the hospital to revenge Komuhangi’s death.