The effects of COVID-19 to our country and to our consumers can not be over emphasized. Crown Beverages Limited has launched a new campaign that will benefit loyal consumers during these hard times. ‘FOREVER CONNECTED’ campaign is aimed at supporting Ugandans stay connected to their loved ones as they enjoy their favorite Pepsi brands.

CBL has partnered with the telecom giants MTN and Airtel to offer free airtime and MBS to anyone that buys any Pepsi product bottled in glass (Pepsi, Mirinda, Mountain Dew and Evervess tonic) starting July 1st 2020.

Simply check under the crown/ bottle top for the unique code and send a free sms to 7888 The customer will not incur any cost while sending the SMS. The airtime and MBS will immediately get loaded on the customers line. One can SMS as many times they desire, the airtime and MBS shall be accumulated.

‘For the last 8 years, we have been rewarding lucky consumers through exciting consumer-based promotions, however, we are very cognizant of the current financial situation of Ugandans. We have ensured that our customers do not incur any extra charges while redeeming their prize. SMS costs are free, we also eliminated the element of chance, everyone is a winner.’ CBL’s acting Head of Marketing Timothy Luzinda, stated at the launch.

Crown Beverages Limited unveiled this campaign virtually via their YouTube channel on 1st July 2020. Speaking at the launch, CBL CEO Paddy Muramiirah commended Ugandans for adhering to the established SOPs by the MoH during the fight against Covid-19 and thanked them for their loyalty to Pepsi too.

‘As we go about our daily lives, Pepsi is making it easier for Ugandans to stay safely-apart but “Forever Connected” through technology. We were very keen on rewarding all our consumers; therefore everyone is a winner in this campaign. All our glass bottles will have these prizes and redeeming them will be at zero cost. We are grateful for the partnership we have with MTN & Airtel which has enabled this campaign become possible.’

Mr. Luzinda explained the mechanics at the launch, stating that over 20 million consumers monthly will be forever connected if the sms the unique code code that will guarantee the consumer two minutes airtime and 5mbs valid for 72 hours when they redeem on an MTN line and one minute airtime valid for 24 hours when they redeem on an airtel line.

‘During the launch MTN’s Chief Marketing Officer- Sen Somdev  stated “the partnership between Pepsi and MTN, is one of the most rewarding promotions to happen to the Ugandan consumer in the recent time. It is a joy for us to give back to MTN customers so as to make their day a little  brighter with the MTN airtime and MBS combo under every crown to help them stay connected with family and friends just a little more.

Airtel’s Director Enterprise Allan Ssemakula said that the partnership with Pepsi Uganda is a reward system to Airtel customers. ‘We are delighted to offer a quick, accessible and free airtime package in all Pepsi, Mirinda, Mountain Dew and Evervess glass bottles. I believe that as a nation, we will overcome this situation and come out stronger. Stay Safe. Stay Connected.’

Forever Connected campaign is a UGX 9 Billion investment that will ran for a period of 12 months, CBL’ s partnership is exclusively for MTN and Airtel users.

  1. What is Forever Connected about?

Forever Connected is a very straight forward campaign. Starting 1st July 2020 to 30th June 2021, CBL will be offering FREE airtime and MBS under every crown of every glass bottle of Pepsi, Mirinda, Mountain Dew and Evervess. Simply SMS the unique code under the crown and redeem your prize instantly on MTN and Airtel. No SMS costs, NO games of chance, NO draws, NO delays. Everyone is a winner. Pepsi products are available country wide in all supermarkets, duukas and restaurants.

  1. Why is this promotion called ‘Forever Connected’?

 Our consumers and Ugandans as a whole have been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, due to the nationwide lockdown, our consumers have been forced to adapt to a new normal of limited socializing and gathering with family and friends. CBL created the Forever Connected Campaign to support Ugandans follow the current guidelines by Ministry of Health by reminding safely apart but connected virtually every time they enjoy our Pepsi products.

  1. What exactly is up for grabs?

Our products are available country wide, all our consumers have to do is buy a Pepsi, Mirinda, Mountain Dew or Evervess GLASS bottle, simply check under the crown/ bottle top for the unique code, SMS the code to 7888 to redeem their free airtime and MBS.

It is also very important to note that there are no SMS costs, the consumer can send the code to 7888 and they will not be charged. Redeeming airtime and MBS is cumulative, it can be done as many times as possible with no limits.

  1. How did the MTN and Airtel partnership come about?

We partnered with the two telecom giants because we wanted to connect people virtually, we decided to use mobile technology as a medium to achieve this. While our consumers enjoy our Pepsi products they can also connect with friends and family far and wide through their mobile phones.

For MTN users, this offer guarantees two minutes airtime and 5mbs valid for 72 hours. Airtel users can enjoy one-minute airtime valid for 24 hours when they redeem on an airtel line.

  1. So, for how long will the promotion run and how much has CBL invested?

This campaign will be running for a period of 12 months. Crown Beverages Limited has invested over 9 billion Ugandan Shillings in this campaign.