Stunning Muzzinyi Precious Remmie aka Ray P maintains she knows what she is doing and ready to fall on her sword if indeed her Fiance Raymond Bindeeba is smart wire!

Ray P says she knows what she is doing after successful Kukyala

The stunning media personality and her Raymond rose above the bad vibe from online in-laws and held a colourful and pompous kukyala over the weekend as the couple aim to secure their future. In her brief speech, she vowed to love her Mr. Right ebisooka ne’bisembayo till Lake Victoria runs dry.

“…I know what I’m doing and I know my man better than those people trading bad vibes. I love him just the way he is and ready for anything,” she fussed. she fussed.

This was just days after their lavish and flashy engagement.

It should be remembered that following their engagement, diaspora-based socialite, Don Zella, came out on Wednesday, October 13 on Facebook to discredit Bindeeba, telling whoever cared that he is a crook. She spilled beans about a night she and he spent together some two months ago and also claimed that the Nkuba Kyeyo loves fame and is therefore using Remmie to that end.

The stunning mother-of-one and boo are one step closer to secure their future

“Bambi remmie don’t marry that ka guy nkalinako bwino kagenda kutomeza just ask him do you know don zella u Will see how his eyes turn to red I was with this ka man on my show in July 16th nga kabebera kalinga embuzi I asked him do u have a girlfriend mbu nooo era nekegana the whole night when the night ended we drove to his ka house. he has a little pee pee soft like oba ki? like a child I said eh so been surprised okalaba nga kali matala he loves fame sister otomedemu anyways congratulations kayinza okuwa empapula notandikirawo but Sente myeeeee Kagala fame nkamanyiii nyooo nyoooo let him come defend himself. Mpozi he changed in two months otherwise otomedde,” Don Zella warned Ray P.

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The following day, Remmie responded, telling her she has taken the ring with her whole heart, also challenging Don Zella to provide evidence to support her claims otherwise he is her man and she is his wife-to-be.

Ray refused to heed to Don Zella’s advice

On a mission to prove her point, the controversial socialite then fired back;

“Kano ka kinakuka nkate oba nkaleke ? mwemusalawo ba in laws obusajja obumpi buswaza akadede kamulinga aka baby ha ha ha ha Raymond apologize to the ladies you have played with otherwise ngenda kata ndete ndete if you playing with people’s hearts consider the consequences nze nakowa ba smart wire.”

However, madly-in-love Remmie didn’t heed to Don Zella’s advice as she and her sweetheart instead took a step towards their legal bonking sessions now that her parents have blessed their entanglement.