Guys, here is the spoiler; You might be dumb to actually believe she’s only talking to you or you’re the ‘only one’. Well let this sink in, about 85% of girls have that dangerous substitute she wishes to have stolen moments with.

Si mu bubi, there’s that one chap, who makes her happy but for some reasons, he is still friendzoned for future use just in case.

The younger, beautiful and juicy the babe, the more suitors she has, and you’ll be the most foolish lad in Africa not to know this.

As long as you’re not married to her, you’re not almost always never the only one. Actually, even married ones are towed from their marital beds just for just. 

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Yes, might be having access to her phone, sniffing around in her WhatsApp messages and social media accounts but don’t you forget these granddaughters of Adam can have all proof  (chats) deleted before handing over the gadget. I have female pals who exclude their boyfriends from viewing their fishy statuses!

Not forgetting, she might be even having secret (fake) social media accounts dedicated to her other special guy, how about that – welcome to girls’ world.

If you’ve ever listened to a girls’ chats between her and her friend(s), you’d get a sense pill immediately. They are brutal!

Edit: It’s like some people are not getting it, SHE IS ALSO CONSIDERING OTHER GUYS.

If she’s for keeps, never lose the guard. If you doubt this, ask either Lwasa, God’s Plan or Geosteady

Do you copy?