TV presenter who massaged and tickled Sheebah’s bean inside her own car finally revealed

Singer Sheebah Karungi put social media on tenterhooks yesterday afternoon when she came out ranting in a live Instagram video.

In her short but precise revelation, the ‘Ayi’ hit maker revealed that there is a respected TV personality who touched and massaged her beans inside her car.

In her explanation, Sheebah went ahead to reveal that this horrible experience happened at one of the shows she had been hired to sing.

After revealing that the nasty experience happened at one of the shows she had been booked to perform at, our investigative minds gave us a few hints as the self-styled feminist performed at Prof Bukenya’s 73rd birthday, Muhoozi Kainerugabu’s birthday party in Fort portal and a certain Radio station’s event upcountry.

“I had a show, I was performing for somebody…one of those people you respect and call real role models, who pretend on TV to look good and all that bullsh*t…This old pervert was trying to be funny with me in my car. He just opened my car with his security and found me asleep. I was about to go on stage,” the former Team No Sleep singer was heard ranting in the 2-minute video.

Following the mind blowing revelation, a number of Netizens have been speculating who the arrogant TV presenter is.

Even after pressing her to reveal the identity of the TV personality, Sheebah has gone mute about the whole situation.

However, sources close to the disgruntled singer have hinted that the TV presenter, who touched Sheebah’s goods, works for a certain Radio station that is based at Cooper Road Kisementi.

Now if you know how to guess you can try to figure out who that might actually be.