Bummy comedienne Martha Kay has rubbished claims that she is baking something in the oven.

As the year 2022 was climaxing, Martha Kay somewhat went AWOL, a move that left those who follow her closely with many unanswered questions.

A while later, she jumped out of wherever she was presumably hiding and disclosed via her Twitter account that she had been knocked down by illness.

The 30-year-old content creator and media personality further made it known that she was flown to Nairobi for specialized medical care, and that up to date, she is still under the doctor’s watch!

However, Martha’s clarification seems to have not been enough for the social media in-laws as they have since drawing conclusions that some Hajji Muzzinyi had planted a live seed in her womb pregnant.

On Tuesday, the ever jolly former n*de star had to put the rumours to rest through her socials, once and for all.

Attaching one of her chats with a colleague who was inquiring about her pregnancy, Martha maintained that she is neither pregnant nor getting married to some hajji!

Martha attributed her absence to currently being on a medical leave.

“I am not pregnant and I am not getting married to some Hajj. Everything is false. I am just on leave,” Martha Kay wrote.