Sassy songbird Rema Namakula must have been so keen on with her decision to dump celebrity boyfriend, Eddy Kenzo.

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Owing to the confidence she showcases publicly while ta liking about her new catch, Dr. Hamza Sebunya, Rema took time and smartly chose what is good for her future.

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Recently while at a kwanjula ceremony of her pal, the Siri Muyembe star, did not hesitate opening how she is head over heels for Hamza.

“….amanya gange nze Rehema Namakula, Mukyala Ssebunya to be…”, she boldly said, leaving everyone at the ceremony very amused and happy.

Her statement further confirmed that now her succulent sumbie belongs to the Gynecologist.

Meanwhile, Rema has continued to assure those that skinning her for chucking Kenzo that she made a smart choice.

“Everything in life is a lesson and everything happens for a reason. I chose to be happy, i chose Dr. Hamza over Kenzo and i won’t regret. Allah is by our side”, Rema told fellow women and fans who she sat with at the same ceremony, leaving them excited.

She will be introducing Dr. Sebunya to her parents’ home in Nabbingo, Mukono district on 14th of November.