King Saha expressed worry over the possibility of vote-rigging in the upcoming Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) elections during a press conference held at his Entebbe hangout joint, Kings Spot. 

The singer is running for the position of the president against incumbent Cindy Sanyu in the elections set to take place on May 23.

King Saha claimed he had been told that the register he had been given was being updated every day by UMA’s electoral commission, raising suspicions on whether there would not be any rigging. “They gave me a register and told me that those were the people that were going to vote. Now I have heard that they are registering other people and this means that the register will have to change. If it changes, then I am worried that they may rig votes,” he said.

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The electoral commission chairman, Geoffrey Jeff Ekongot, said the association is still registering new members, who are also musicians and that is the reason the register is updated and there is no plan to rig as he claims. “The association has been registering new members every year. Many other new members are being registered and we shall do this every year to lure more artists into the association. Elections can’t stop us from registering new members,” he said. 

Ekongot advised King Saha not to worry about the register because it will be displayed at the tally center to show the candidates how transparent it is. “We shall put the system outside so that everyone can be able to see how the elections shall be going on and what the results are. So I don’t think there will be any vote irregularities,” he assured.

The UMA elections are slated for Monday, 23rd May 2022 after a live Presidential debate on Saturday, 21st 2022.