Tubiddemu by Eddy Kenzo and Karole Kasita

It is a fast-paced video, yet, it is devoid of that touch, that extra attention to detail, the ability to piece up things. It is conceptualised to keep you engaged to the end. Not that it is a big spender video, on the contrary, it is as lean as they get.

“Mbu kati kiki, mbu kati twakyuka nyo? Honey, togenda kumpuliriza? Ye banaye ne’kitabo kyasoma,” Karole Kasita hooks the viewers’ attention as she pleads with Kenzo, who is seated next to her.

Kasita then grabs the book from Kenzo and dumps it far away, before she tells him; “let me take you to where we came from!” I should say, it is the camaraderie chemistry and captivating love and drama between the pair that blows your mind as you anticipate the couple’s next move.

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Then the video drops… and yes the storyline is clear and fun. Karole Kasita takes Kenzo down the memory lane about how they started their fairytale at a tender age. It also emphasizes some miniature dance choreography.

Then it ends! The video has all the right tools. It effortlessly combines them into a majestic statement. Tubiddemu video has got flavour and sweetness, which successfully matches its name.

Watch Tubiddemu by Eddy Kenzo and Karole Kasita below and Zzina;