Prima Kardashi, Henri take time off at Queen Elizabeth National Park

Known as the most wonderful period of the year, the festive season is packed full of romance so it comes as no surprise that several couples have chosen to make time for themselves.

When it comes to holidays, festive holidays take up a lot of air space. For some, this period is for shopping, gifting and eating lots of food.

Our very own Muzzinyi, Mr. Henrie and his girlfriend, Prima Kardashi are using this period to make merry, tighten the bond and chemistry between them.

Over the weekend, Mr Henrie and Prima drove off far in Western Uganda to have a blast, shake off pandemic stress and plan for 2022.

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Since the couple own a Tour and Travel company- Prima Tours Uganda, it’s much easier for them to reach their preferred destination with no worries.

They spent nights eating life at Queen Elizabeth National Park as birds sang for them while enjoying nature and fresh breeze.

Prima kept her 246K-Instagram followers updated as she shared breathtaking shots, presumably taken by boo.

In one of the sets of pics she shared, the 28-year-old Mama Kizigo is wrapped in a snow-white towel while sipping on a cup of coffee.

In another exciting shot, she’s seen cooling off in a bathtub after a long bonkus day in the wilderness.

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