Last week, it was reported how pop-star cum politician, Hon. Bobi Wine had fallen out with his famous bodyguard, Ssebuwufu Edward aka Eddie Mutwe.

Bobi Wine and, Eddie Mutwe

Reports suggested that their relationship hit a rock bottom after Bobi learnt about Mutwe’s illegal activities of selling the political party posters at Ugx. 500 each.

In retaliation, the presidential hopeful hard to terminate his daily schedule plan with the ‘Full Beard’ man.

Bobi Wine

The reports were further cemented by WhatsApp chat screenshots from yet unknown People Power camp revealing how Bobi lost trust in his all-time right-hand man.

Whatsapp conversation confirming the sacking of Mutwe

However, on Friday Mutwe resumed his official duties after being grilled thoroughly in a series of closed door meetings with NUP top boys.

According to an insider, Bobi warned him to desist from any act that would derail the ‘struggle’ and advised him to concentrate on his job. “…he forgave him after five meetings last week. Mutwe acknowledged his mistakes and promised stay in line”.

Mutwe resumed his duties on Friday

For the past years, Eddie Mutwe’s commitments to Bobi Wine are remarkable as he has on several occasions nearly sacrificed his life to protect the People Power head.